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Quality Mental Health Care by Professionals

1 Ellisha (2).jpg
Ellisha Othman

Managing Director &

Clinical Psychologist

2 Ivy (2).jpg
Ivy Tan

Counselling Psychologist &

Clinical Director

4 Chin XiuLi (2).jpg
Chin XiuLi

Clinical Psychologist &

Coordinator - Adult Services

6 David (2).jpg
David Wong Kin Woon

Clinical Psychologist &

Coordinator -  Child & Youth Services

7 Athena.png
Athena Siew Yi Ting

Clinical Psychologist &

Head of Centre Services

Cindy Chew Mei Lien

Program Manager - Monitoring and Management

8 Liana.png
Liana Mohd Nawi

EAP Director & Clinical Psychologist

Anna Karina Jardin - SOLS Health.png
Anna Karina Jardin

Program Manager - Communications & Creative Develoment

Rozana Nordin

Centre Supervisor