Ellisha Othman - SOLS Health.jpg

Ellisha Othman

Managing Director


  • Bachelor of Commerce, University of Sydney (2002)

  • Master of Commerce, UNSW Australia (2003)

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Health Psychology, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (2010)

  • Master of Clinical Psychology, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (2012)


Other Qualification

  • Associate, CPA Australia (Inactive)

  • Full Member, Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychology (Current)

Ellisha is a registered clinical psychologist with the Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychology. She was professionally trained in administering psychological assessments, conducting intervention programs and community mental health promotion programs predominantly in cognitive and behavioural approaches (CBT) under the tutelage of renowned clinical psychologists at the Health Psychology Unit, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia; Pain Clinic, Hospital Serdang; Psychiatry Department, Hospital Kajang; and Psychiatry Department, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre.


Ellisha has worked with children and adolescents as well as adult population on a myriad of psychological and developmental disorders, behavioural management, parenting skills and chronic pain. Her research area included studying mood and anxiety disorders amongst learning disorder and gynaecological cancer population. Prior to her career in psychology, she completed her tertiary education under the Renong Group Scholarship Trust Fund with an ensuing career in the areas of corporate finance and strategy. Nevertheless, her unwavering interest in the field of psychology compelled her to pursue professional training in clinical psychology.


She is also currently incorporating her corporate and psychology training with her interest in education through consultation work on other SOLS 24/7 Foundation programs namely, Scholar Management program to develop well-rounded scholars from challenging background as well as tutoring pre-university level psychology; and Project Library to inculcate the reading culture among the underprivileged communities through the establishment of reading spaces across SOLS 24/7 Community Centres.


Ellisha developed a keen interest in community-based psychology as she was inspired by the principles of Adlerian psychology during her clinical psychology training – that the interconnectedness of an individual’s well-being to the community’s social, economic, environmental and psychological well-being is an undergirding factor in fuelling the human need and ability to create positive social change. These principles inspired the birth of SOLS Health.


SOLS Health is committed to promote social change through supporting communities through the following initiatives: alleviating the prolonged detrimental impact of psychological disorders; reducing barriers by improving accessibility psychological services; promoting community health to improve quality of life; creating awareness through promotion psychosocial education; and developing socially responsible practitioners.