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Cindy Chew Mei Lien

Program Manager - Monitoring

and Management


  • 2007-2010: BSc in Mathematics and Economics (London School of Economics
    and Political Science)


Cindy wishes to contribute in creating a safe space for people to express themselves and embrace their true potential. As she journeyed through her student and working life, it became clearer to her that she has a passion for people development and holistic well-being, particular in the area of mental health. After working as a central bank economist for seven years, she decided to take a break and embark on a career change. During the break, she developed herself and broadened her views via workshops, courses, meditation retreats, volunteering activities and travelling.


In her current job role as the Programme Manager in charge of Management & Monitoring at SOLS Health, she joyfully puts her analytical and leadership skills to use in her pet area of mental health. Cindy continues to value learning opportunities and experiences to broaden her perspectives and enhance her skills in order to contribute effectively.