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Anna Karina Jardin

Program Manager - Communication

and Creative Development


  • Masters of Development Policy, De Lasalle University

  • Bachelor of Science in International Relation major in Diplomacy


Karina is a Filipino artist, entrepreneur and social activist. She has been actively immersed in various communities across South east Asia and Central Asia volunteering and empowering children of different backgrounds and educators through creativity. She has extensively worked with several NGOs, Local Governments and multinational companies as a CSR and Project Management Consultant for the past 8 years.


She has been actively involved in youth work since she was 13 years old and also has been awarded by UNESCO and Daimler Chrysler as one of their Junior Ambassadors for Intercultural Dialogue -Mondialogo in 2006 given in Rome Italy . In 2016 she has been given a commendation by the Philippine Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for her contribution in cultural promotion through arts. Her artistic exposure has led her in creating several platforms to help promote better cultural understandings and empower young people through arts from public school systems specially in the Philippines. With art and creativity, she believes that no child will be left behind and we may enjoy a more inclusive and conducive environment for growth as individuals.