SOLS Health is a community-based mental health centre that connects children, adults, families, and communities to accessible and affordable mental health services with an emphasis on combating the stigma of mental health in Malaysia.

Why Does SOLS Health Exist?


1 in 3 Malaysian suffer from

mental health issues


80% of our professionals  report that among their clients, family is the biggest discriminator


61% of Malaysians believe sufferers are to be blamed of their condition.


76.5% Malaysians believe there is no such thing as mental health

We believe that mental health is one of the most critical determinants to physical health, personal wellness, and good quality of life. The above statistics and unfortunate widespread of stigma of mental health in Malaysia is worrying. This stigma is based on ignorance, culminates in discrimination, and results in suffering. We will not stop until going to the  psychologist for mental health problems is recognized and accepted in the same light as going to the doctor for medical problems. We exist because we believe there is no health without mental health.


client lives have so far been transformed through our direct therapy services


hours of community mental health programs have so far been conducted for our partners