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Due to high demand for our therapy services, we are currently not accepting new clients.
Please check back on 1 July.

Connecting individuals and communities to accessible, affordable, and life-changing mental health services

Menghubungkan individu dan komuniti dengan perkhidmatan kesihatan mental untuk kehidupan sejahtera


“I went through a difficult page around 2 years ago and finally went to talk to someone at SOLS
Health. It helped me tremendously, to see what I couldn't see, to know myself better, and to get a
grip of myself and my life again. When we have a headache, we pop some pain killers without
much stigma to that action. When mentally we experience pain and challenges, we should also
see a professional and get the help we need.”

Victoria Ling Tze Ang


We provide subsidised rates to eligible clients who need professional mental health services

We believe there is no health without mental health and we are driven to build mentally healthy and inclusive communities.


client lives have been transformed through our direct therapy services


hours of community mental health programs have been conducted for our partners

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作者:庄敏仪 注意:本文章讨论了有关创伤性的内容,可能会引起读者的不适。如有需要,您可以向以下的联络方式寻求协助:navigaide@sols247.org 或 018-9003247。 当生活中发生了一些非预期,且事态严重的事情的时候,例如:不幸地发生一起严重车祸,天然灾...